Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Summary – Novel by Mark Twain

Before starting Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Summary, let’s discuss Adventures of Huckleberry Finn author Mark Twain, who was born in November 30, 1835 and died in April 21, 1910. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain was published in December 10, 1884.

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Summary

This story features two main characters Huckleberry Finn and his friend Jim who traveled through their journey on their raft and explored Mississippi. In the story, the problems of South were being highlighted by Huckleberry Finn and also the good aspects of south were considered and Jim who was a runaway slave provided protection to Huckleberry Finn.
The story starts with Huck telling about the story where he shared his experiences from the time when The Adventures of Tom Sawyer took a move. He told in the start that Huck and Tom found twelve thousand dollars in the treasure which were invested by Judge Thatcher for them.

Miss Watson and Widow Douglas adopted Huck and they did all they could to raise him well, however he was dissatisfied with the life he now had and wanted to go back to his usual and simple lifestyle. Huck ran away however, Tom Sawyer found him and tried convincing him that he will be started a new band which will be the band of robbers and will also have a hidden cave as a meeting place as well as a place to hide, but the battles got boring and boys started leaving his band gradually.

Huck came across the footprints of his torturous Pap and realized that he will claim his money which has been invested by Judge Thatcher therefore he decided to sell off his share. However, as Huck was returning back from Judge Thatcher Pap caught him and took away all the money from him also he told him that if he would ever go to school he would be beaten by him.
When his father returned, widow and Judge Thatcher tried their best to get the custody of Huck from the court but due to the return of Huck’s father the judge refused the custody and he had to live with his father in the log cabin.

Initially Huck was very happy about his life at the cabin but since his father used to beat him regularly he wanted to escape. He once day decided to make an escape plan when his father was away and by killing a pig, spreading his blood on the cabin as if it was the blood of Huck he ran away on a canoe and went to the Jackson’s island where he set up a camp and started living in.

A few days passed but Huck’s camp got a smoldering fire which made him frightened and at that time he started his search of a companion who could live with him, he came across Jim who was the slave of Miss Watson and since Miss Watson was about to sell him to a slave trader, Jim ran away. Initially Jim was scared of Huck because it was heard that he has died but later on they both got along together and shared their escape stories.

As they were living on that island the river started to rise all of a sudden and they came across a house that started floating in front of them, they watched everything while standing on the shore and went to see that a man was laying and was dead. As Jim went to find out whose body it was he saw that it was Pap, Huck’s father and he kept this thing as a secret.

As soon as the scenario tool place, Huck took a look of a disguised girl and went to the town to have some information about what happened. On going to the town, he came across a woman who told him that Huck’s murder has made Jim and his father suspects and they feel that Jim is somewhere on the Jackson’s Island. As soon as Huck heard this he immediately went back and the boys ran away from the island to avoid any kind of discovery.

The boys tool one of the large rafts and started to float on the island, during the night they used to float and during the day they used to hide on the shore. Somehow they came across a steamboat and jumped there where they came across three thieves. The boys heard their conversation about killing of one of the thief by the rest of the two; they found the skiff of robbers and took off. However, soon they realized that the steamship is wrecked and is floating on the downstream which will drown everyone and they started to make it towards their own old raft and went down the river.

In this entire scenario the boys go much closer to each other and tried their best to achieve their goal of reaching Cairo so they wanted to take a steamship to River Ohio and wanted to go towards the state. Since there was a lot of fog and one boy was on the canoe and one on the raft they got separated and in the morning when that came across each other they realized that they missed Cairo due to the fog.

After a few nights, again the boys were forced for the overboard jump as their raft was being ran down by a steamboat and again they were separated. The boys tried to save their lives by swimming and Huck managed to a shore where was attacked by dogs and then came across a family named as the Grangerfords. The family treated him very well and in the meanwhile he got to know that Jim is hiding somewhere nearby in the swamp. Things were going well until a fight took place between Gangerfords and Sheperdsons and all of the members of the family were killed. Huck managed to reach to Jim and the boys started going towards downriver once again.

The boys came across two men named as Duke and King while being downstream and these two men took the control of their raft. These men were cheaters and used to make a lot of moment by fooling the people. They used to invite people to a show claiming that it would be very entertaining and they used to move around naked in the show, but since people were ashamed of telling people about the show they had to say that it was great and it made more people to attend the show. The show used to go on for four days and on the fourth day people altogether came to kill these men but they escaped taking away the money of the show.

The two men then got to know about a huge sum of inheritance which is meant for the three girls who are orphan. These men pretended to be the uncles of the girls and since the girls were so excited they didn’t realize that they might be fooling them to gain the money. The girls since treated Huck with a lot of concern he planned to protect them from the fooling of these cheaters and therefore for King’s room he took away the gold and hid it in the coffin of the girl’s father. Huck told entire story to the eldest girl who was seen crying and she helped Huck to escape from the situation.

As soon as the girl left the house in order to make Huck escape the real uncles of the girls arrived and since they lost their bags on the voyage they were unable to prove their identity. However, the two cheaters faked their roles so perfectly that nobody every disbelieved them. The real uncle thought about the tattoo to be present on the chest of their dead brother and to verify this they had to dig the grave. As soon as the grave was dug the gold which Huck hid in the coffin was discovered and the two men started running towards the raft where Huck and Jim were present trying to go downstream.

As they went down the river, the men sold Jim as slave claiming that he is a runaway slave from New Oreland’s and this infuriated Huck. He very boldly went to the house where Jim was sold and got to know that the house belongs to the aunt of Tom Sawyer. He pretended being Tom Sawyer and when the original Tom Sawyer arrived he acted as Sid Sawyer the younger brother of Tom Sawyer. The boys together made a plan to rescue Jim and for this Tom being one of the troublemaker of all times put snakes in the room of Jim which was a big threat to the life of Jim as well.

After more planning, the boys made everyone in the town believe that some people who are thieves are making plans about stealing Jim and on that night along with Jim the boys started to leave the area but some farmer saw them and started shooting them. Tom was shot in his leg and to provide him medical assistance Huck came back to the town where he sends a doctor to the place where Jim was. As the doctor returned he with him brought Tom and Jim, Tom was on a stretcher and Jim was tried with chains. The doctor explained the people that Jim helped a lot in taking care of Tom and then Tom requested them to set Jim .

At this point Aunt Polly also came down to the river and told them that Jim shall be d because the Widow who kept him as slave has passed away and in her will she has also d Jim so he desires being . Huck and Tom presented to make him and gave him forty dollars too so that the scene doesn’t open up in front of everyone that they were all already in a plan together.

After the entire matter got resolved, Jim informs Huck about his father, and told him that the man who that day came on the floating house was his father. Aunt Sally, the aunt of Tom Sawyer offered that she would like to adopt Huck but since Huck was not comfortable with the idea he refused. Also in the end, Huck said that this book tool a lot of time to complete and had Huck known this before he would have never started it in the first place.

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Characters

Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, Jim (Huckleberry Finn), Pap Finn, Aunt Polly.

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