Tender Is the Night Summary – Novel by American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald

Before starting Tender Is the Night Summary, let’s discuss Tender Is the Night author F. Scott Fitzgerald, who was born in September 24, 1896 and died in December 21, 1940. Tender Is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald was published in April 1934.

Tender Is the Night Summary

This story features a situation where a beautiful and young actress nearly 18 year old goes for a vacation with her mother at French Riviera; she stayed in the Gausse’s hotel. On her trip she came across a physiatrist and his wife, the physiatrist Dick Diver was a young, handsome and charming and the actress Rosemary Hoyt fell in love with him. This place was all filled with glamour attractions like parties, people and socializing and on her trip she met man people and made many introductions, some of the people she came across were Abe North, Tommy Barban and McKiscos.

Since Rosemary had feelings for Dick she very confidently despite of knowing that he is married confessed her feelings in front of him. Dick also reciprocated the feelings of Rosemary and they all went to Paris to have a mini vacation. Rosemary got to know a fact that a black man was murdered by Abe North and another friend Nicole also went through a nervous breakdown in the bathroom of the hotel.

This made a recall in the story of the days when Dick was young and was attending his medical education, he attend the Yale and also was a scholar at the Oxford, he studied medical at John Hopkins and then he started practicing as a physiatrist and also was known for publishing the medical treatises. While he was working as a physiatrist he came across one of his patient named as Nicole who was suffering from schizophrenia and this was because she was molested by her own father. Nicole during her treatment feels for Dick and used to write letters to him telling him about her love and also that she has improved after meeting him. Afterwards, they were married and also had two children and were residing at French Riviera.

Dick also opened up a clinic in Switzerland which was sponsored by the money of Nicole and was then accused that he seduced a 15 year old girl who was the daughter of one of his patients. This made Nicole jealous and she retaliated by running her car off on a road and since he wanted to get rid of the turmoil of her situation he left for Berlin. Later on he got to know that his father has passed away and went back to America. When was coming back he stopped at Rome where he met Rosemary again and they started with their love together. Since Rosemary was an actress she used to have many scenes with different actors and this made Dick jealous which ended dup making his habit of drinking worse.

He also got in to a fight with one Italian driver and was jailed, however later Nicole’s sister rescued him and he got back to his clinic. His partner refused to let him serve the patients because of his habit of drinking and his career was totally ended. The attitude of Dick at this point was totally rash and he used to misbehave and insult his friends a lot being extremely unsuccessful person. His wife, Nicole at the same time used to get frustrated over his behavior and had an affair with Tommy. Nicole took divorce from Dick and married Tommy and Dick started living a very unsuccessful life in New York.

Tender is the Night Characters

Dick Diver, Nicole Diver, Rosemary Hoyt, Tommy Barban, Abe North, Mary North, Baby Warren, Franz Gregorovius Or Dr. Gregory, Devereux Warren, Albert McKisco, Violet McKisco, Collis Clay, Mrs. Speers, Lady Caroline, Conte Di Minghetti, Earl Brady, Campion, Jules Peterson, Lanier And Topsy, Maria Wallis, Prince Chillicheff, Dr. Dohmler.

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