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Before starting The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Summary, let’s discuss The Adventures of Tom Sawyer novel series author Mark Twain, who was born in November 30, 1835 and died in April 21, 1910. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain was published in 1876.

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Summary

The story of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer moves around the adventures of a schoolboy named as Thomas Sawyer which he has been having made his reputation to be a naughty child. He used to live in the town which is a very closely knotted Christianity dominant town near river Mississippi named as St. Petersburg. This boy lived with his brother Sid, one of his cousin Mary and his aunt known as Aunt Polly. The area where he used to live is a very socially active area where people know one another and are pretty familiar with the families in their surroundings.

Tom was an adventurous child but yet a very loveable child for his aunt and it was a habit of him to sneak out from the bedroom window every night to have some adventures with his friend named as Huckleberry Finn. Tom was a clever child and he knew how to get away with all his pranks but Sid his brother has always been a tattle tale in the middle.

When Tom used to skip school just to go for swimming Aunt Polly made him punished by giving him the job of whitewashing of the fence in the surrounding of the house, but being cleaver enough he used to make the neighborhood children do the job for him by telling them the positive interests in doing the job. Similarly in the vicinity of school, this boy is a very confident boy and used to chase students by running after them and shouting.

Tom always used to get attention from a girl in his school named as Becky Thatcher who was the daughter of the judge with his unique activities. When Tom fell for her he made her share the same feelings pretty quick and wanted to get engaged to her as well, but as his own tongue slipped he told her about his previous engagement with Amy Lawrence which was broken, this made the relationship of the children a broken one. Once at night the two boys, Huck and Tom snuggled out of the house and went to the graveyard in the town they wanted to have the feeling of ghosts and they expected that would have a sight and sound of ghost in the graveyard.

However, they heard some voices there which belonged to the people in the town which included Muff Porter who was known of drinking too much, Dr. Robinson and Injun Joe. They were here for robbing a grave and eventually a fight broke out between the three men. The boys hide themselves and saw that Dr. Robinson hits the head of Muff with a headboard and Injun Joe in return stabs doctor to death with the knife of Muff. The boys immediately left the graveyard and were unable to analyze that Injun Joe is planning to make Muff responsible for the murder of the doctor. The boys were horrified of what they saw in the graveyard and decided to stay silent on it.

The other day was all filled with so many sorrows fro Tom; Aunt Polly got to know that Tom sneaks out at the night and it was Sid behind telling it to her. At school even Becky was not anymore responding his acts and he was totally heartbroken. After all this, Tom planned to create a gang and he created one naming it Pirates, in the gang there were three boys, Tom himself, Huck and Joe Harper. They decided that they no more want to live in the usual society and they ran away to Jacksons Island which was in the middle of the Mississippi River. When the three boys vanished everyone thought that they have drowned in the island and the villagers started their hunt for the bodies of the boys.

Tom decide to sneak out from the island during night when it is dark and leave a letter for her to inform her that he is alive, however, in the middle of it he overheard that Aunt Polly along with Mrs. Harper are making plans for the funeral of the boys. The boys then waited toll the morning an attended their funeral after which they revealed that they have not died.

Everyone at school has been envying the boys and also Becky isn’t responding to Tom. However, it happened that Becky while reading the schoolmaster’s book jumped with surprise and ended up breaking it, when schoolmaster asked Becky about this Tom took the entire blame over himself. After this though he was punished because of her but he also won the love of Becky back.

In the summer break comes the time of the trial of Muff Potter who has been convicted as the man behind the murder of Dr. Robinson and the boys were guilty about the entire situation as they knew the truth. On the trial day Tom was called in the witness stand where he explained the reality to the judge and in the meanwhile Injun Joe ran away from the courtroom. However, Muff was proven but now Tom was scared that Injun Joe might take revenge from him.

One day Tom and Huck planned to dig the hunted house as they wanted the hidden treasure there but they were surprised to hear two men discussing a plan one of who was Injun Joe. They both decided to hide bags of 6 hundred dollars in the haunted house and when they did that they came across the treasure buried there. They decided that they will hide this treasure under the cross and will then leave the house for now and the boys being too much interested in the treasure decided to follow them.

Becky was out of town during the vacations but on her return she held a picnic for all her friends. The picnic took place at the MacDougal’s cave and Tom and Becky lost their way somewhere deep down the cave. While Huck was waiting outside the Temperance Tavern he saw that Injun Joe and his other partner came out of the place where they were staying and headed towards the haunted house but instead of going to the haunted house they started moving to the house of Widow Douglas may be with the intention to either kill her or torture her. As Huck saw this he wanted to do something about it because the widow had done many kind favors for Huck.

He went to Mr. Jones and told him the entire scene and Mr. Jones with two of his sons went to rescue Widow Douglas before any harm takes place. Everyone got to know about this attack and at the same time everyone was worried about the children. Becky and Tom have lost their way in the cave and had one last candle which was the only left light in the cave with them. The children knew that they will starve to death if they couldn’t find their way out.

Tom consoled Becky and at the same time kept looking for a way out. As Tom was moving here and there he saw that a man is shouting at him but since the man was not able to see Tom he didn’t recognize him and Tom’s voice made him get scared and so he ran away, he was Injun Joe. Tom didn’t tell anything about this event thinking that she might get more upset because of is so he kept quiet. Finally, the came across a small hole and they managed to leave the place by crawling through it.

As soon as the children returned safely, everyone rejoiced and Judge Thatcher ordered to close the doors of the MacDougal’s cave with metal. However, as Tom got to know this he informed Judge that Injun Joe is there and they found him starved to death there. When Huck and tom met, Tom told him about the place where the treasure has been buried, they went to the cave and found the treasure.

After they found the treasure from the cave they returned to the city and there they entered to the parlor of Widow Douglas. Since she was very happy because Huck saved her life she gave him a permanent home to live in and also provided him with education. She also declared the fact that Huck is now and an independent wealthy person. The treasure boys found totaled to twelve thousand dollars and the boys now plan for their next robbery and its associated plans.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Becky Thatcher, Aunt Polly Tom Sawyer, Joe Harper, Sid Sawyer.

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