The Horse and His Boy Summary – Narnia Novel Series Book V

Before starting The Chronicles of Narnia – The Horse and His Boy Summary, let’s discuss The Chronicles of Narnia novel series author C. S. Lewis, who was born in November 29, 1898 and died in November 22, 1963. The Chronicles of Narnia – The Horse and His Boy by C. S. Lewis was published in September 6, 1954.

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The Horse and His Boy Summary

This is the fifth series of the Narnia Stories and this story took place when the siblings, Edmund, Peter, Susan and Lucy were the Narnian kings and queens. A boy in Narnia named as Shasta was the son of a fisherman in the area of Calormen. The little boy came across the fact that his father will be selling him for the slavery of the noble man of Calormen and in order to protect himself he decided to run away and came across a talking horse of that noble man who was also captured and they both ran away together to the north side of Narnia. While they both were on their way they came across young women who was named as Aravis and she was also with her horse Hwin, she was running away because her parents fixed her marriage and she was not willing to have that.

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There were numerous adventures on the way of Shasta but the main adventure was the fact that he was the double of a Prince who was the Prince of Archenland. Shasta was also mistaken as Prince and there he was also bought to the palace where he got to know that Susan the Queen is going to visit the Calormen and has also been wooed by a price but she has already rejected him and he doesn’t want her to leave. Susan would be leaving secretly and Aravis at that time also got to know that the prince will be attacking on the Archenland as well as on the Narnia.

Aravis and Shasta got together again and they went to go across the dessert and they wanted to warn the kinds of Archenland about this attack. While they were on their way they were attacked by a lion and they had to then stop at a cottage which was the hermit’s cottage. Shasta decided to go alone and find king Lune to warn him about the attack, while he was on his way he got lost and had to take the help from Aslan who was the biggest protection for him. Aslan was the one who actually made him meet Aravis, Shasta somehow reached the kind and warned him about the attack.

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As soon as the battle came to an end it was revealed that Shasta is the son of the King and a twin to the Prince Corin who was his double. Shasta was the elder son of the king and therefore was a successor of the throne, Aravis also stayed back the Archenland and one day Shasta and she married one another and held the power and throne of the Archenland.

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The Horse and His Boy Characters

Aslan, Lucy Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie, Susan Pevensie, Peter Pevensie, Shasta (Narnia), Aravis, Bree (Narnia), Hwin, Rabadash.

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