The Last Battle Summary – Narnia Novel Series Book VII

Before starting The Chronicles of Narnia – The Last Battle Summary, let’s discuss The Last Battle The Chronicles of Narnia novel series author C. S. Lewis, who was born in November 29, 1898 and died in November 22, 1963. The Chronicles of Narnia – The Last Battle by C. S. Lewis was published in September 4, 1956.

The Last Battle Summary

As the name suggest, The Last Battle is the last part of the series of Narnia written by C.S. Lewis which takes a heed when the King Tirian has been ruling in the magical world of Narnia after he was given the thrown by King Caspian but during his rule he was also informed by Roonwite that there is an ominous present in Narnia.

On the other hand when it comes to Narnia an ape named as Shift was convincing a donkey named as Puzzle to take the outlay of Aslan. The main aim of Shift here was to make people get motivated to support the Calormen and to start cutting down the trees that talk.

Tirian got to known about this happening by Shift and this made him call Shift and Tirian was then tied to one of the trees due to this kind of plotting shift did. Tirian also called Aslan because he needed help but rather than Aslan he got a vision of Lady Polly, King Peter, Queen Lucy, King Edmund and Lord Digory. Eustace and Jill were then sent to Narnia for the help of Tirian and they released Tirian from the tree and Puzzle also joined them for their team. Shift along with Rishda who was a corrupt person of the Calormen make people believe that aslant and God Tash are just the same people and they have mistakenly summoned Tash to Narnia.

Narnian were then attacked by Calormen and a battle started between Shift and Tirian when Tash arrived he swallowed Shift. Rishda who was supporting Shift was scared and therefore surrendered the Narnians caught by him to Tash. Tash after seizing Rishda attacked Tirian and this made all the entire team of Eustace, Edmund, Polly, Jill, Digory and Peter appear there and suddenly Rishda and Tash disappeared from the scene. Narnia started to get destroyed and this made Aslan judge people that whether the people in the country of Aslan are worthy enough to stay or enter in his country or not.

People who do not trust or believe Aslan will be converted as the normal animals which may not talk and this may be done by Father Time as it may ze the entire land. After this Aslan led his capable and trustworthy followers back to his land and here they even come across Reepcheep and other many Narnian followers. Aslan told them that all the rest of the people have passed out in the train crash in England, only Susan was left and despite of being alive she doesn’t believe in Narnia anymore. After this, the people left with Aslan spend their life peacefully in Narnia.

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