The Magician’s Nephew Summary – Narnia Novel Series Book VI

Before starting The Chronicles of Narnia – The Magician’s Nephew Summary, let’s discuss The Chronicles of Narnia novel series author C. S. Lewis, who was born in November 29, 1898 and died in November 22, 1963. The Chronicles of Narnia – The Magician’s Nephew by C. S. Lewis was published in 2 May 1955.

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The Magician’s Nephew Summary

This book forms being the sixth part of the Narnia series written by C.S. Lewis and this story takes place by featuring the scene of London and that too in the 19th century. This session takes out the scenario where two children named as Digory and Polly thrown out from this world by an evil person who is the Uncle of Digory. Mother of Digory is on the verge of death and therefore he is in London but his uncle is very arrogant and doesn’t take care of the rules of morality. He has created two magical rings and these rings according to him are created to send children out of this world and bring them back. Uncle makes Polly to touch the ring in yellow color and she disappeared and then the green ring was being touched by Digory in order to rescue Polly.

As soon as the children touch these rings they got to know that their uncle possesses a wrong view regarding the rings and the yellow ring is meant to send them to the woods and with the help of the green ring they will be able to go to the different ponds. Children planned to explore the world they are on and this world is called as Charn. As the children started to explore this place they got to know that there seems to be no human or living creature but eventually they come across a creature named as Jadis who is the queen of this place and they unintentionally wake her up. It was this queen who spoke a few such evil words which made every creature on the land to be killed and now she is in search of new worlds where she could go and conquer. The children were forced by the queen to take her to their own world and she even started to cause the release of excessive amount of turmoil.  The scenario then featured the entire world team which included the children, evil uncle and a cab driver with a horse and while they were trying to escape from the queen they jumped in the wrong pond which led them to the world of darkness.

As they all fell into that pond along with the queen they heard the voice of singing and it was none other than Aslan who was making Narnia turn into a beautiful land with sky, sea, stars and moon and other living creatures also came into being along with trees and plants. However, as the queen Jadis saw Aslan she threw the iron bar which she took from the world of children from the lamppost and this made the entire area filled with the lamppost. This was the first ever lamppost being seen in Narnia and the moment Aslan comes closer to them Jardis ran away.

Uncle of the children then fainted and the children and the cab driver were there with Aslan, the cab driver Frank was made the king of Narnia and his wife was also being brought from the human world. Aslan then sends Digory on a quest to bring an apple from a specific tree but the apple was eaten by the queen and she also tempts Digory to eat that apple.

Aslan makes that horse with the children a flying horse and told Digory that since the evil queen has eaten it she will be lathing it and gave one apple to Digory and told him that he must go back and give this to his mother which will make her get well. As the children come back to the human world they gave the mother this apple and the seeds along with the rings of Uncle Andrew were planted. The seeds later on turned into an apple tree and this was been cut down at a later day and converted in to a wardrobe which was belonged to Digory who was turned into professor Kirke, who brings it to his house. This entire connection of the Narnia series gets connected here that how did the story of wardrobe started and how everything is chained with a link.

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