The Mark of Athena Summary – Graphic Novel by Rick Riordan

Before starting The Mark of Athena Summary, let’s discuss the author Rick Riordan, who was born in June 5, 1964. Richard Russell Riordan Jr. is an American author. The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan was published in October 2, 2012.

The Mark of Athena Summary

The Mark of Athena is one of the third books of the series The Heroes of Olympus which is based on five different parts. The story starts with a female character named as Annabeth, there is a Greek goddess of war and wisdom whose daughter is Annabeth. This story features the situation where Annabeth has been on her way towards Camp Jupiter and with her are the children of other goddess like Leo Valdez who is the son of Hephaestus and Jason who is the son of Jupiter, Coach Gleeson who is a satyr and the daughter or Aphrodite named as McClean.

The moment these children reach out to the camp Jupiter they got to know that the place has been under attack and somehow Annabeth was able to locate her boyfriend who was the son of Poseidon named as Percy Jackson. In this entire scenario the situation features the fact to discuss a situation where there might be some collaboration in between the demigods, Roman and Greek.

The entire discussion was up to a point where Romans were all set to believe the Greeks and at the same time a ship which was built by Leo named as Argo II attacked the camp. Leo was the one who was blamed because of all this and due to this attack the children were all thrown out of the camp of Romans. Leo never had a reason of this attack and neither remembered he did anything like this however, among them Piper decided to have a discussion with Bacchus and to do so they planned to travel towards Topeka. After they reached to Topeka they got to know that Bacchus is with them and has joined their mission with them and to make their plan executed he sent them to Phorcys so that they get some news about Gaea.

Gaea appears to be one of the most powerful antagonist and the demigods never wanted her to get awaken in any way, however, she attacked the children and started controlling Percy and Jason and make Piper stand in a position where he was made to decide the life and death of one of the children. Piper was completely indecisive about it and therefore Gaea started a battle between the two of the children but Piper somehow stops the fight and they all ran away from there. This way the children had an idea that Leo was also in the control of Gaea when the attack took place but without any evidence it is not possible to make Romans believe them and therefore they started their search of finding Phorcys as suggested by Bacchus.

While they were on their way too look for the Phorcys, Percy saw a dream where he saw that the entire Rome was destroyed by Ephialtes and Otis and he also then realized that it is the month of July which is the actual last chance for the demigods deadline. Percy also saw Nico in his dream that is the son of Underworld god and is trapped. However, Annabeth wakes him up and they have reached to Atlanta by this time and they were here helped by the mother of sea monsters Keto to locate Phorcys.

By way of using his powers Percy gets into a conversation with Phorcys and tried to obtain information about Ephialtes and Otis and also about Nico and got to know that Nico has been treated as a bait and this bait if for the rest of the demigods. They were also told by Phorcys that he tried to capture these demigods in the aquarium but they left. However, Percy then got to realize that they need a map which will make them reach to Athena Parthenos which is a place in Rome and at this point Annabeth remembers that she saw her mother who was once telling her about the Athena mark in the map while having a look at it, also she was told that if she ever collaborates with Athena she would be disowned by Romans and a silver coin would be given to her.

The next step of these little demigods was to move towards Aphrodite who was the one to help them with the task of locating the map of Fort Sumter and there they came across a leader of the demigods who belonged to the Roman tribe named as Octavian and the children were attacked by this demigod. However, Annabeth somehow retrieved the map and also met  Reyna who was the daughter of goddess of war named as  Bellona, along with Octavian she is also the leader of the Jupiter camp. Annabeth was warned by Reyna that she must go back to the camp or the next time they meet they both will meet as enemies, however, Annabeth went to find Athena Parthenos and also wanted to save Nico with her friends.

Somehow the children got to reach Rome and this time the target of Gaea was the Half Blood camp, the children were given a chance of the ancient goddess of saving the camp only on one condition that Annabeth and Percy gave themselves up to her. This condition was refused by Percy, Annabeth went to her mission of trials all alone and the children were made to send to save Nico. While on her way to trials, Annabeth was attacked by Arachne and Percy with other demigods went to save her but Percy and Annabeth fell into the Tartarus which is a place located very deep in underworld. This place belonged to the husband of Gaea and the rest of the demigods made their way towards Greece in hope of finding their way towards Tartarus so that they may save Percy and Annabeth.

The Mark of Athena Characters

Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, Thalia Grace, Nico di Angelo, Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Piper McLean, Jason Grace, Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque.

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