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The short biography of author Rhonda Byrne and the summary of her self help book ‘The Secret ‘ is in the following. I hope you will learn and enjoy a lot while reading it.

Introduction of Book and Author

Rhonda Byrne is an Australian writer born on 26th August 1945; she has worked as a producer in her career along with being a successful television writer. Her life’s tragic episode took place in the year 2004 when she lost her father and after that the project of the book The Secret started. This book is a kind of book which captures some real facts of life that every individual needs to learn. It focuses on the secrets of living a positive life with a positive attitude and how we can develop all this in our nature.

This book offers six secrets which when implanted in the personality of a person may lead to provide a guide through which we may spend our life peacefully. Rhonda after going into depression after the death of her father started focusing on the little things in life and how important it is to cope with depression and bring about positivity in life. The lessons she learnt from all these depressive phases of her life are depicted in this book and it has been by far the bestselling book from this writer. A few other books written by this writer include The Power, The Magic and Hero.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne Summary

This book The Secret written by Rhonda Byrne is a book that has so many lessons for people which may make their life positive and full of happiness all they need to realize is the secret to stay and live a happy life. In this book, the writer has shared her own lessons which she learnt and grasped from different situations in life and her researches.

The very first thing she researched about in the book is the first secret which is the secret of understanding the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that what you give is what you get, so when you give this universe positivity and happiness you would be given numerous reasons by this universe to stay happy and cheerful. However, if you are angry, frustrated and depressed all the time the universe will also give you pain, worries and sadness. The role played by inner thoughts is highly impacted on our outward life and surroundings which make this law of attraction justified, so to live a happy life we need to share happy thoughts and mindsets with the universe as well. We know this fact very well; that what you sow is what you reap so this concept is highlighted by the writer in this story very well and applies on our life very strongly.

The second secret highlighted by the writer in this book is that the law of attraction in the universe has no space for the “don’ts” of life. We usually focus more on what we actually don’t want rather than focusing on what we want. We always pressurize ourselves by stating that I don’t want this to happen, I don’t want that to happen etc. However, the universe recognizes as you want this to happen. We should move with the flow of life rather than focusing on what we don’t want we should accept what we are getting and should also appreciate it. We should always stay happy in what we have rather than focusing on the things we do not want to happen and the things we don’t have in our life. This thought would end up killing us inside and is something very painful in many aspects.

The third secret of spending a happy life is hidden in three steps; “ask”, “believe” and “receive”. The very first thing that you need to add in your life is gratitude you should be thankful for whatever you have been blessed with and then ask yourself that what do you want in life and be sure and certain about whatever you have as a purpose. The second thing is believing when you believe that you will get what you deserve and are asking for the universe will give it to you based on your positivity and lastly you will receive for what you desired in the first place.

Developing positivity is also a significant secret to make your life happy. You must and you need to add the touch of visualization and positivity in your life this way things may get in place for you. You should look and find positivity in everything you have and in everything that happens in your life as this will make your realize all the good things you have. Secondly you would also be able to make an analysis of your relationships with positivity too and you will have a positive eye developed within yourself which will distract you from anything any negative thoughts.

The sixth secret is the way positivity impacts your weight and health. When you have positive thoughts your body will get positive signals and will control your health as well as weight. However when you are mentally upset you will have no control over your body as well which will lead to make your weight and health disturbed like anything. You would be less responsive and you would be least interested in your own self which is again something alarming for your own betterment, so the best thing is to stay positive so that you may always have a positive feeling followed by a positive body and healthy mind.

Lastly, you must not envy others or get into a competition with others because this will only make you feel low key and unsuccessful. One should be happy with what that has and not look and strive for what others have competition will only take you to the path of failures and nothing else. the more you will feel that you are less in any way as compared to other you will definitely have no appropriate purpose of positivity in life. So, in order to create a universe of your own in the positive way you must work hard to avoid any kind of competitions in life.


This book is based on the secrets of life which help you acquire happiness, the book emphasizes on the fact that you live in the world that you create yourself. In order to live in a better world you need to create it in a positive way and the law of attraction is taken into consideration here. This book teaches us that what we signal into the universe is what which is sent back to us by the universe as well. So, if we want to live a life filled with happiness and positivity we also need to signal positivity to the universe by of our thoughts and acts.

When we think positively when we visualize positivity we always get happiness and when we visualize negativity all we get in life is pain and worries. We must make our lives revolving around the blessings we have in life and should trust that we will always get the best from life as this is the way in which we will be able to enjoy our life with happiness and so our world will be a happy world. This will not only keep our minds fresh in fact it will also help us maintain our body as well as weight.

I hope you will have understood the complete Self Help book “The Secret by Rhonda Byrne Summary“. If you are interested to read the complete book, you can Download or buy The Secret by Rhonda Byrne PDF.

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